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”I think that a person who achieves a global breadth of views, good language skills, and education, and is aware of his or her own values, is, after having returned to their country from abroad, fully qualified to become engaged in the economic, scientific, cultural, social or political life of the Ústí nad Labem region, thus contributing to development of their community.” The founder of the Renaissance scholarship Fund, Martin Hausenblas.

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The Ústí Community Foundation is the first Czech community foundation dating back to 1993, and the second oldest foundation of its type in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Hennlich company distributes a record and symbolic 90 000 CZK

The Hennlich Donor Fund is donating 90,000 CZK to the non-profit activities of young people from Litoměřice through the 8th Open Grant round for the “Litoměřice – Live city jsi ty” program. The sum to be distributed through the fund was not randomly decided. It corresponds with the 90th anniversary of the establishment of H. A. HENNLICH in Duchcov, of which Litoměrice's Hennlich Industrietechnik is successor.
Non-profit and allowance organizations, public universities, and informal groups and individuals should apply for distributions from the fund by Friday, 23rd March, 2012.
Additional information about the 8th Open Grant round is available in Czech.