“Our region has long lacked a preserved continuity and historical memory. Through the CENTROPOL Fund, we want to contribute, at least to some extent, to a greater sense of people belonging to the place where they live.” – CENTROPOL ENERGY sales director and board member Lukáš Pokrupa

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More than 80 children from 11 schools in Ústí nad Labem were involved in the We Are Painting on the Wall project.

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"For the Foundation to fulfil its basic function, which is providing grants to NGOs, requires the stable establishment of two basic programs, the Donor Program and the Grant-making Program, i.e. it is necessary for the Foundation to be able both to raise funds and to distribute them.

However, this basic function is gradually complemented with other activities, focusing for example on communicating with partners at the local level or abroad within the Dialogue Program, supporting local NGOs, and cooperating with those who want to actively participate in the local community development through the Public Involvement Program.

Although the individual programs of our Foundation are varied, it is necessary to respond flexibly to the actual needs of the local community and to create additional short-term projects that will facilitate meeting identified needs. This is also an inherent role of every community foundation.”

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