NIF Fund

The NIF is the basic building block of our foundation. It was exclusively established from and comprised of contributions from the Foundation Investment Fund (Nadační investiční fond, NIF).

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Protection of the gene pool of the severely endangered Little Owl (Athene noctua) in the districts of Litoměřice and Teplice.

Services for the General Public

As a response to demand from students of local universities, representatives of NGOs or companies, and many others, we have prepared a range of services that we strive to tailor to your individual needs.
As a part of our services we offer the following:

Consultations for those who need to secure consultants or lecturers.

Securing of practical training for those who are obliged to have it as a part of their university studies.

A study room for those who seek information about the NGO sector in general and foundations in particular.

A conference room for those who need a space for holding a seminar or presentation.

A recreational centre for those who plan a camp for children or suitable premises for organising out-door activities.