Hennlich Fund

In 2005, Hennlich Industrietechnik, spol. s r.o. established the charitable Hennlich Fund, the basic programme of which is named "Litoměřice - live city jsi ty" and focuses on supporting the activities of 15-25 year olds in the District of Litoměřice.

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What are the Funds of the Ústí Community Foundation?

From the point of view of financial flows from the donor to the end user, it is possible to imagine the Community Foundation as a system of funds. Every donation given to the Community Foundation is put into one of its funds. Every grant given by the Community Foundation is made from one of its funds.

The fund is an internal tool of the Foundation for obtaining, capitalizing, and subsequently using and distributing financial means that have been put into the fund and generated through capitalization. Disposing of the financial means from the fund is governed by a set of specific terms and rules that externally draw a clear and distinguishing line between the financial means from the fund and other resources of a foundation. 

The basic fund of the Community Foundation is the Open Grant-making Fund.

Detailed information about the diferent types of funds here.